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Each child will receive two written reports a year.  The timing of the reports that your child receives in their first three years will depend on when their birthday falls.  They are completed at the end of 1,2 and 3 full years of schooling with an interim report showing progress towards these milestones being sent home six months prior to this.  In Year 4, as required by the National Standards, this then moves from the child's anniversary date to a year end report with a six monthly interim report.

Parent teacher interviews are held in Terms 1 and 3.  This is a time where you, your child and your teacher have the opportunity to review progress and set goals for the coming months.  If at any time you have concerns regarding your child's learning or progress, we encourage you to make a time to talk to the teacher, as it is important that issues are addressed promptly.

Similarly, there may be times when we approach you to discuss an area of concern, so that we can work together to support your child in their learning.