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St Joseph's School has a proud and varied history.  The first St Joseph's was built as a church/school in 1884.  It was located behind the presbytery.  The Dominican Sisters, who began teaching in Oamaru in 1882, conducted up to five classrooms in this building.  The playground was carved from the hillside by men wielding pick axes and spades and pushing wheelbarrows.  By 1928, the Christian Brothers had opened St Patrick's School for boys in Usk Street (our current red brick Junior School).  In 1959, the two story block was built and become a school for boys up to Yr 4 and girls to Yr 8.  In 1973, St Patrick's closed and Yr 5 & 6 boys joined St Joseph's.  Yr 7 & 8 boys went to St Kevin's.  It was not until 1984 that St Joseph's became a full primary school for both boys and girls.