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Netball - Saturday 24th June

Intermediate Prem

11.00 am - St Joseph's Gold v Kurow Blue - Pearsons

Intermediate Sec 2

10.00 am - St Joseph's Rebels v Valley Diamonds - Sport & Outdoors

Year 5 Small Hoops

9.00 am - St Joseph's Ferns v Valley Tactix - Fitness 24

Year 3/4

11.00 am - St Joseph's Maroon v Ardgowan Yellow

Yr 1/2

Games and Skills start at 10.00 am


9.00 am - Anika Winders, Elenoa Asi, Grace Keno and Tessa Souness

Rugby - Saturday 24th June - Network Waitaki Day - every child will get a ticket for the bbq to get a sausage and a drink.

5 yrs

12.00 pm - St Joseph's v Kurow Bulls - 10A

6 yrs

10.30 am St Joseph's v Valley - 9B

7/8 yrs

10.30 am - Maheno v St Joseph's - WCS 8

9/10 yrs

11.30 am - Exelsior/Maheno v St Joseph's v Kurow - WCS 2

11/12 yrs

St Joseph's has the bye - please contact other clubs to see if your players are needed so it gets them involved in the day. All players not involved, please feel free to turn up.

Football - Saturday 24th June


9.30 am - St Joseph's All Whites v Riverside Pumas - St Joseph's


10.30 am - St Joseph's Beanotown United v Meadowbank Mustangs - Showgrounds I1

Hockey - Tuesday 27th June

The turf is numbered from the pavilion end. T1 Pavillion end. T4 Scoreboard end.

Kwicksticks - Yr 7/8

Turbo Sticks (St Joseph's combined team) has the bye

Hockey - Wednesday 28th June

MiniSticks - Yr 3/4

4.30 pm - T4 - Magic Sticks (St Joseph's combined team) v Glenavy Greensticks

KiwiSticks - Yr 5/6

Speedy Sticks (St Joseph's combined team) has the bye

Miniball - Tuesday 27th June

St Joseph's Rebel's is on early duty on the back court which includes setting up the score bench including the clock, score sheets filled out by both teams and making sure the games start on time as per the score sheets.

4.45 pm - St Joseph's Rebels v Fenwick Wild Cats - back court

5.45 pm - St Joseph's Breakers v North Warriors - back court

St Joseph's Thunder has the bye

Referee and Score bench

4.15 pm - St Joseph's Rebels- referee and score bench - back court

5.15 pm - St Joseph's Breakers- referee - back court

Basketball - Wednesday 28th June

4.00 pm - St Joseph's Raptors v Waitaki Warriors - back court

4.50 pm - St Joseph's Bolts v OIS Queens - front court

5.40 pm - St Joseph's Cavaliers v OIS Crushers - front court

Referee and Score bench

4.00 pm - St Joseph's Bolts - referee and score bench - front court

4.50 pm - St Joseph's Raptors - referee - back court